non-traditional wedding photographer Scotland

I'm Justyna.  I'm currently living just outside Edinburgh, Scotland... a place like no other. After studying photography here , I now work all over Scotland documenting weddings, couples in love  and collaborating with other photography projects. I also shoot for my handsome, ever light-chasing fella Sean Bell. I'm curious about the good qualities in people and their stories. I love listening, observing and documenting them in a unique and inimitable way. I'm not drawn to luxury.


I value simplicity, gathering inspiration from nature, the kindness of people and anything that is a result of an unconstrained form of art. Non-traditional, full of spontaneity and good vibe events are my greatest thrill but I also tend to naturally meld into the quiet, intimate moments. I feel exceedingly fortunate to live and love here in Scotland. But I will go anywhere in Europe and the world to chase love stories.   I love them ..





Our feet are in the underbrush and heads high in the sky...choking on the clouds whirling around our heads..
it’s the spring in my step and the innocent smiles at the ground..
splash in the rain
laugh at muddy shoes
Like the rivers strum a lovely tune
and wind upon our skin like a thousand soft kisses.
Happiness is ours...




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